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From Leonard Slatkin’s November Blog: “Yevgeny Kutik turned out to be a real discovery with incredible musicianship, flawless technical prowess and (even though he was very lightly amplified) a big, generous sonic palette. The concerto, in two movements and a bit longer than half an hour, is one of the most impressive new pieces I have led in a long time. It holds the performers and audience in a kind of hypnotic trance and as is usual with Joe’s music, has an incredible range of colorful sounds.

It is my hope that we get to perform it several more times together. The concerto is difficult, but once the various rhythmic patterns are understood, I think it can be done comfortably by many orchestras. Perhaps the video of the livestream will be added to DSO Replay by the time you read this. Please tune in. You will be astounded.”