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The Berkshire Eagle

The Berkshire Eagle (August 2, 2006) — “…At Sunday night’s penultimate concert…violinist Yevgeny Kutik won the virtuoso award (had there been one) for his razzle-dazzle solo performance in Ron Ford’s “Versus,” a TMC commission receiving its premiere…(Ford) hit upon the idea of having the soloist play an all but independent line over an ensemble of 10 winds and four double basses. Somewhere around the middle, the wind players switch to a panoply of tuned water glasses. In the first part, the ensemble plays a grinding, obsessive pattern that suggests a car-crushing machine run amok. In the placid second part, the water glasses’ shimmer merges with a double-bass drone to produce a spooky effect. What the two parts had to do with each other was a bit of a mystery, but Kutik, conductor Kazem Abdullah and the ensemble went at them with gusto…”