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New Works Inspired by Memories and Tradition


Thank you for the incredible support of so many individuals who helped make this project a reality:

Anonymous (15), Doug Anderson, Rachel Leigh Barker, Brendan Barrett, Sima Berezkina, David Matthew Brown, C.C. Cave and Peter Rothstein, Tammy Cracolici, Lenore and Robert Davis, Annette Grant, Matt and Morgan Heck, Nelli Jabotinsky, Martin Jacobs and Carol Thomas, Elana L., Clare Maloney, Michael and Carole Marks, Rebeccah Marsters, Stuart and Ellen Masters, Melanie Niemiec, Michael Nock, Rachel Rosenberg, Julie and Steve Simons, Maggie Snow, Sidney and Barbara Sobel, Matthew & Jennifer Tobin, Carol A. Whitcomb, Gregory K. Williams, Sergey and Natalya Yantovsky, Jay and Leigh Youmans, Robert A. Youmans, Ella & Michael


A very special thank you to those who helped commission the works featured on this project:

Anonymous (2), Lenore and Robert Davis, Edwin Barker and Pamela Paikin, Annette Grant, Michael and Carole Marks, Sidney and Barbara Sobel, Carol A.Whitcomb, Patricia Plum Wylde, Sergey and Natalya Yantovsky, Jay and Leigh Youmans, Robert A. Youmans, Alex and Alla Zernitskaya

Washington Performing Arts (Correia and Razaz)


Recording Sessions:
1: Aug 28, 2018 at St. John’s Episcopal: Cerrone, Razaz, Vajda, Andres
2: Sept 7, 2018 at Futura Productions: Correia, Prestini, Azmeh
3: Sept 10, 2018 at St. John’s Episcopal: Schwantner

Producer: Jesse Lewis (1, 2, 3)
Recording Engineer: Tom Caulfield (1, 3), John Weston (2)
Assistant: Kyle Pyke (3)

Editing: Zenas Hsu, Brad Michel
Mixing: Dan Nichols, Jesse Lewis
Mastering: Jesse Lewis

And a very special thank you to all of the composers and musicians: Joe Schwantner, Paola Prestini, Timo Andres, Chris Cerrone, Andreia Pinto Correia, Gregory Vajda, Gity Razaz, Kinan Azmeh, David Kaplan, Edwin Barker, Ryan Yure, Michael Barrett, Corey Hart, Sarah Moyer, Carey Shunskis.

And last but not least my team at Jensen Artists, Marquis Classics, Nick Dooley, Rachel Tine, Emily Graham-Handley, and Michael Gandolfi for his guidance and support.